'nb_uniq_visitors' in Actions.getPageUrl omitted when using 'period=month'

I have noticed when switching between day and week and month using Actions.getPageUrl the nb_uniq_visitors is removed for anything other than period=day.

I have tried editing the config.ini.php to:

enable_processing_unique_visitors_day = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_week = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_month = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_year = 0
enable_processing_unique_visitors_range = 1

and then dropped all piwik_archive_* tables from the database.

Do I now have to wait a week or a month for this to start showing back up or will it not show?


after dropping the archive_* tables, it should show the data on the next request. As it will re-process the data and now will process uniques for ranges.