Mysterious Appearance of the .lfsconfig File

I recently found a file in my Matomo folder with the name .lfsconfig. Its contents were two simple lines:

fetchexclude = *

When I went to upgrade Matomo labeled the file as alien. So, I removed it and after upgrading placed it back.

How would such a file come to reside in the Matomo folder, if Matomo believes it to be alien? Does anyone know its purpose?



This file tells Git LFS to download all files when someone clones the Matomo repository. Thomas noticed that it is completly useless to include this file in the built Matomo zip and therefore I updated the build script to remove the file.

As your Matomo instance has been updated and the new update doesn’t include that file anymore, the integrity checker notices that it can be deleted.

Matomo doesn’t automatically delete files that are not needed anymore as that could end up in a mess, removing custom files.