Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column 'description' in 'field list'

Hello, since the last update, 4.12.1, I have the following message that appears when I want to add a new Variable in the TagManager:

Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column ‘description’ in ‘field list’

Can you please help me?



We are facing the same problem, getting the same error when adding a new website:

There’s something wrong in the upgrade procedure indeed, a quick fix will be really welcome here, thank you :pray:

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Does somebody has any idea? I’m having this problem right now.

A new update (4.12.2) has been released right today, I guess they fixed this issue among the others, no changelog available yet :crossed_fingers:

I just made the update and unfortunately it does not fix the problem … ;(

Same here, the update didn’t fix the problem :scream:

Hi @Seven_LAB, @ziovanja, @BTCVIK
Please update to the latest 4.12.2, then follow:


it works like a charm :raised_hands:

Works perfectly thanks