Mysqli and pdo works ok,but still blocked in "systemCheck"

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Based on iis6.0+fastcgi+php +mysql 5.1 (php-5.2.11-nts-Win32),
the systemCheck detected environme problems during the piwik 0.4.5 installation .
According the phpinfo(,the mysqli/pdo/pdo_mysql works well,but in the "systemcheck",the "PDO extension" is ok,then the RED
I found

"Piwik requires either the mysqli extension or both the PDO and pdo_mysql extensions. 
On a Windows server you can add the following lines to your php.ini: 


More information on: PHP PDO and MYSQLI. "

I found this code from the forum :

$extensions = @get_loaded_extensions();
if (in_array('mysqli', $extensions) && function_exists('mysqli_set_charset')) {
  echo "MySQLi is supported\n";
if (in_array('PDO', $extensions) && in_array('pdo_mysql', $extensions)) {
  echo "PDO MySQL is supported\n";

the result is still ok(
the next is using PDO to get "test data".
Where I am wrong, thank you for any help!

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Can I directly import the database structure files?
I can’t found where it is.

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It works!
Thanks very much!

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I am new to php and piwik and I got the same error with the unloaded php-extensions:


The version of my php on my home server is 5.2.11 and those extensions are already enabled, but piwik don’t see that, I also have a joomla site running and there is no problem.
Could you please tell me how you got it to work because I can not find a solution.

thanks and greets

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Hi mac,

I got the same error too, Could you please tell all of us on this forum how you could turn it work. Thanks very much!

I found that from

9. Installation on Windows server is broken

Comment out (or remove) the line containing escapeshellcmd from core/Piwik.php

// $sDir = escapeshellcmd($sDir);

Thanks everyone!!

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I just follow the "9/Installation on Windows server is broken"
Comment out the code " $sDir = escapeshellcmd($sDir);"
and then it works.
My situation is the pdo/pdo_mysql works well, the problem is something differences between the windows and linux,and I didn’t google to find the truth…
how your system appeared from the code “301 Moved Permanently

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thank you so much for the fast reply!!! It works now fine style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

greets from Berlin

PS: If we meet some day I buy you a beeer.

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We should all thank the production team!