Mysql driver is not currently installed

This error message I get now and my host does not know what to do, never had this issue. They only asked back what piwik needs…

I searched this issue in the forum but found the reaults a bit confusing…so many different advices and none of them seem to apply here.
The thing is, before this messsage came, I changed the php version to 7.0.
I overwrote the piwik files per ftp, but there was no change what is not really surprising, I think.
Does anybody know what I have to do, to change in the ini-files or something else? Or does my host has to change anything?
Thanks for help!

…no-one for this? I would be very thankful.

Hi there, ask your host to install the Mysql driver on your php7 setup

Thank you very much, matthieu. I sent your answer to my host and he replied that for php 7.0 mysql connectivity is outworn and not available. He installed mysqli now and PIWIK works again now.

Unfortunately I lost my whole old data now, at least, PIWIK does not access it now.
Is that changeable? And if so, how?
Thanks again!
Bst wishes

Are you sure you are using the same database as before? Can you connect to the MySQL Database and check if the data is there and what the name of the database is? (and if it is the same as in config/config.ini.php)

Oh sorry. The data is there. There was only no data in the last time because of the missing sql driver. My stupid fault.
I went back further and found the old data. Pooh. :smirk:
Thanks for caring!!
All the best