MySQL-Database troubles MyISAM INNODB

after moving the piwik-database (mysql) from one to another server we run into troubles. This Server and new database is configured by DBA’s, so there is no way to change configuration for this server.

Most of the tables are MyISAM, but not all:

Every new created table archive_numeric and archive_blob are INNODB tables. This should not be the problem, but this server is configured with “init_connect => SET AUTOCOMMIT = 0” so without explicit Transactions this tables where empty.

After checking the sourcecode this could be a bug

In the source of the file “/piwik-1.11.1/core/DB/Schema/Myisam.php” something is missing. There is a check if myisam-engine is installed and then in the “create table statements” missing the parameter “ENGINE=MyISAM”.

Without this parameter our server uses INNODB to create this tables and then it will use transactions.

Which version of MySQL are you using?

it may be good thing to use the server default for most users.

It sounds like your mysql may be misconfigured in this case.