My website don't send info to piwik

Hi, I’ve just installed Piwik on my server for tracing 2 websites, the first one I have configured work fine, but, second do not. My second website is on https, maybe it is for that but i don’t really think so. I have well copied piwik script on the website. So I ask the question, why he don’t work. I will be very happiest if some know what is my problem and how to fix it.

Hi. Open your web browser’s console and check if there are no errors. Is your Piwik instance configured to work via https? If not, it won’t work. It’s not possible to load an external resource via http if your website uses https.

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Thanks. Yes because of this. Well see! But how to fix that? Can i load piwik.js if i’ll put that file in the directory of my website and i’ll disable the autoload part of original piwik script?

Ok I’ve find the solution: I have create symbolic link in my website to piwik folder and change var u in original script for pointing to the good folder. Maybe should make an official fix for this issue.

We cannot assume that Piwik will be running on the same machine. In this case, creating a workaround, like the one you suggested, should work.