Must call allocateNewArchiveId() first and Nothing Else

Since yesterday. I logged in to piwik and this message keep appearing and I dont know what to do

Must call allocateNewArchiveId() first

I searched the web for it and nothing.

I can see the stats for my sites,.

Does anyone know how to fix it?


Can you please post a screenshot showing the problem?

Here is it

[attachment 1496 Sinttulo.png]

thank you!

Any clue about this? :S

what are some server stats?

php version?

memory of php.ini settings?

what piwik version? can you see any apache error logs?

Ehm dunno, what I can tell you its that in PHP5 it was running smothly, also I was watching the stats I refreshed the browser and then it happened what meand that the server its sutiable for this, something happened with the app in the way, maybe damaged db or some setting that I dont know

Can you try delete your piwik_archive_* tables for the month of January ? maybe it will fix the issue

Thank you! that did the trick, dunno what happened!!
Tnx again!!