Multiply Piwik

(Loco) #1

Can I use one piwik installation for more than one website?
Are there any addons?
Please reply…

Regards from germany.

(Karlsson) #2

Yes you can.

Go to the upper right corner and put multiple sites into the search field.

(Loco) #3

Thank you. I was blind style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif

But isn’t there a problem of givin google a sign for a project-network?
For example I would like to track 100 of our webpages.
They all have the same Code (or same beginning) right?
Does a better solution exist?

Regards from Germany,

(Beatgarantie) #4

each tracked website has its own tracking code (differing siteid).
I am not sure that you mean with “project-network”. I believe that you
meant you are afraid that Google discovers that you have several
websites. Could this be?

And the answer is: tracking code does not represent a connection between
websites. The only thing is, that someone can see that they use the
same tracking software on the same server.

(Karlsson) #5

Do you have access to the DNS settings for the sites?

In this case you can use subdomains and let them point to the same Piwik-Server.
e.g. and are pointing to