Multiple visit ID for same User


I am using Matomo in a Single Page Application (with Angular).
When I initialize Matomo, I generate a UUID / or retrieve it in the localStorage to set the User ID.

ex :

// Init
window._paq.push(['setUserId', "5c818ccb-cb24-8358-90ee-ca6e43e84695"]);
window._paq.push(['setSiteId', siteId]);
window._paq.push(['setCustomUrl', window.location.href]);

// At every route chnage
window._paq.push(['setCustomUrl', window.location.href]);

I have read in the documentation that : "The User ID will be converted (hashed) into a Visitor ID hexadecimal string. The hashed User ID becomes the Visitor ID"

When I go to the visit logs on the server :
The same user going through different routes in the application is considered as different visits.

Example with Chrome Browser :
User Id : 9ee75c12-23e1-1bd4-fca3-c810e1fd8859
Visitor Id : e620f52c46a48cf3
Visit ID : 2282555
User Id : 9ee75c12-23e1-1bd4-fca3-c810e1fd8859 (same User ID)
Visitor Id : eb869e31e61f090 (different Visitor ID)
Visit ID : 2282558 (different Visit ID)

Is it the right behaviour ? What am I doing Wrong ?

Any help will be truly appreciated.

EDIT : With IE 11, it works fine. Bug with Chrome


This sounds a lot like

But I am totally out of the loop on this topic, so I don’t know more about this.