Multiple users

Is there a way that I can allow multiple users, each with their own tracking code?

I don´t understand this question.

Piwik is tracking all access to a whole site with one tracking code. But you can have different users, which have access to the tracked data.

What do you want to do with different tracking codes for different users?

I know a lot of people who would like to get away from using google analytics (they think google is trying to take over the web), but do not have their own server. If I installed piwik on my server, could I allow others to create an account and use piwik just like they would google analytics. In other words could they create an account with me and get their very own tracking code and log in to see the tracking results?

This explanation is better.

It is possible:

  1. You can track multiple sites, each with another tracking code (different siteID)
  2. You can add users to Piwik, with restricted access to only one ore some of the tracked sites.


I also would like to know if it is possible to give some piwik users an account witch is only able to show a part of my web site? for examble that a department is only able to see their analysis? And if it is possible how can I realize it?

I wait hopefully for a fast answer!


You can create multiple site Piwik on your website! I explain : you create several site on Piwik (in Settings), and you put each tag on different page of your site tracked. You will have multiple statistics for each part of your website.
You create then users with good access for parties which concern them (always in Settings).

I hoppe that’s clear…!

Thank you very much, but are you able to show me the Instructions for the tracker of the restricted user?

The tracker (javascript tag?) is the same for all websites, you have just to change in “Settings” “Users” the rights of each users for each websites : no access, view, or admin.

Ok, than I have to build in a “new” Website witch is my own but only the same with the longer URL for the department?

URL given to Piwik is not really important (it’s the tag called wich increment the DB, whatever the idsite’s URL), but yes :

  1. Create a new site Piwik with specific URL (‘’ for example);
  2. Put tag given in pages of only;
  3. Create new user Piwik (‘dept1’) and allow him to view statistics of ‘’.

If you want statistics of all your website (just for you or an other user), create a website Piwik and put its tag in each page of your site (it’s no problem if there are two tags in a same page).

Hi everyone,

  1. i wants to generate the tracking code according to the user ID and its new created website through my CMS.
  2. i wants to add the user information and website information into the database through the code instead of adding user or website by settings.

any help, tips and idea would appreciated.

Asif Hameed

To create users & websites auomatically, you should use the Piwik API

Dear Matt,

thank you so much for your response, actually i am new to the piwik , can you please give me some idea with some sample codes ?