Multiple users for multiple URL's

Hi there,

i am happy to find such a usefull script like Piwik, that gives more possibilities then Analytics. I have a question and hope to find an answer here. I am trying to create multiple users for the same site, but they should have only few overview of URL’s. For example:
my site is a multi vendors website and the vendors should have an overview of their own product page, the hompage has the following adress, the vendor should have only access to and

but when i create an account, Piwik generates anytime a new tracking code, that i don’t need. Can somebody tell me how i can solve this problem??

Thanks all in advance


If your IP is not unique there is a new tracking code every single time. It happens something similar to me just because my Internet provider is giving me a local new IP anytime I get connected to their service.

Have you solved your problem and if yes, how?

I have the same question if you solve this problem. Kindly share the procedure or method.

No solution at all. No one can find the solution?