Multiple user, but which user own which site?


Hi to all,

I’m new to Pikiw (very good script!!!), and I have a Piwik web site, where I have installed the SignUp plugin, the one that allow to user to signup ad have their own account (you can see here: Piwik as a self serve hosted web analytics solution · Issue #1148 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub ).

Fisrt I want to say that my topics IS NOT for plugin support!!
Plugin is working fine!!

My “problem” is: how can I know which user own which site?
That is: I have users list, and web site list, but which user is the owner of a particular web site?

I try to investigate by database, but I don’t find any clear solution to my problem.

Can anybody help me on that?

Thanks in advance!



I’m not familiar with this plugin but if they can create their own account and add their own site, when viewing the list of users, i think you could be able to see in the access rights table to wich site they have access or not.


Yeah, TulipVorlax, you’right!

I just discover that some minutes agos…



No problem.

Ideally, the plugin could add a column in the site list for the owner.
Dont know if it’s possible.

(vipsoft) #5

Just use the access table. you might have multuple users with admin access.


Thanks to all, but like I wrote, I just solve!