Multiple urls being tracked on a single click


We are facing issues while tracking, On a single click on our website multiple urls hits are being tracked (all urls are same) .We need to track multiple variables of our website because of this we created multiple custom dimensions.So that’s why we are facing this issue.

Our aim is to track multiple variables on a single click on our website and track a single url for the same.

Kindly give us the solution for the same.

You can track custom dimensions in two ways:

  1. Add the custom dimensions to the trackPageView call, with the third parameter an array of the dimensions:

_paq.push(["trackPageView","",{"dimension1":"First dimension", "dimension2":"Second dimension"}]);

  1. Use the setCustomDimension call:
_paq.push(['setCustomDimension', customDimensionId = 1, customDimensionValue = 'First dimension']);
_paq.push(['setCustomDimension', customDimensionId = 2, customDimensionValue = 'Second dimension']);

Probably you are calling trackPageView multiple times, each with another custom dimension. This would explain the multiple hits. So be sure to either call trackPageView only once or use setCustomDimension (I assume these must be set before the trackPageView call).