Multiple sites, the same tracking code

I have both and

They are of the same site, just some files are accessed on .net others on .com.

I added on piwik onl,y the .com domain, but it is not tracking pages on the .net. Can I add multiple urls for 1 domain? How? I tried to type in under settings multiple urls (one on a line) under the URLS column, but after submit “Loading data” appears and nothing happens


If i add a new website to my piwik and he asks me for the URL’s …
is it better to just enter or/and also


Asking because i remember that phpmyvisites told me anytime to add a domain with and without the www.

Waiting for your official answer … thanks!

anyone can answer this question please ?

thank you!

hi vipsoft!

could you help me with answering this? thanks a lot!

There is code so that you don’t have to specify both www and non-www versions of your domain name.

In general, if your website has domain name aliases, then there are two places to look at when configuring domains/URLs:

On the server side, the URLs you enter in the Site Manager are used in checking the referer host, so that a click from one to the other should not be treated as an external website (referer). Example: in third party shared hosting, a website may be served as either subdomain.hostingaccountdomain.tld1 or subdomain.tld2.

On the client side, the URLs you enter for setDomains() are used in checking outlinks (to determine whether or not to track the action, if link tracking is enabled), i.e., when a visitor is leaving your site.

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is it possible that you deleted my thread and question about the URL’s we have to enter while adding a new website to piwik??? style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif

If yes … why?

My question again:

I remember that phpmyvisites, phlogger and others recommended to enter domains to count this way:

… with any wothout the www

So is it also recommended in piwik to enter domains like this if adding domains to track? Know what i mean?

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hi vipsoft …

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So just entering would be ok? Only one entry?
Mhhh, i just made and entries on a dozen domains i track … do i need to edit them all or would it also be ok and fine if i leave them all with the 2 entries?


do i need to edit my piwik or is it even ok with leaving all my sites with 2 domains (with and without www) ?