Multiple Site Reporting with EditGrid

Here is an example of doing multiple site reporting with EditGrid. I couldn’t use Google Docs Spreadsheets since there were limits to it. Enjoy!

Here is what it looks like (each line is a site - I didn’t add a legend to hide the sites):

Details here:…-reporting.html

Hi Branica,
I get the error message on your EditGrid spreadsheet “500 internal server error” and when copying the sheet and using my token I get the message “No match for Xpath ‘//row’”.
Any idea what the problem can be?

Image is broken for me - would be interested to see how it looks…

Sorry, you have no permission to access this page.

What do you have to enter as URL in the Template?

I just noticed and see what happened! style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif