Multiple 'profiles' for the same site


I would like to be able to cruch the same incomming data twice with different ignored URL parameters.
For example:
Page A has an image that links to page B.
Page A also has a top nav link that links to page B.
I set a url parameter nav= to indicate which link was used by a visitor. This is imporant in site design.
So there are two urls

I would like one ‘profile’ where I can set the site to show these as two seperate pages. Thereby allowing me to track how many people are clicking on each.
Then I would like a second ‘profile’ that I can set to ignore the nav= parameter so I can see how many people whent from page A to page B reguardless of how they did so.

This is the setup I had in Google Analytics so I want to recreate it. Unfortunately I am not sure how to do so.


It seems like this would be possible if you could point two different “sites” at the same core database.

Is that possible?