Multiple Matomo Instances - Campaign

I track a pageview in multiple Matomo instances. Is there a way to have a campaign-link point to one of the instances?
At the moment the campaign gets tracked in the last added tracker, can I change that?

Thanks a lot for help!

Can you share how you did this?
Which version of Matomo?
Can you also share the campaign-link pattern you use?

I set my trackerUrl and ID and then added a tracker.
My first instance is Matomo 4.3 and my second one is 4.8.
I created a link

I also tested with pk_ parameters and both came in both instances.

Athough at the moment I can see the last two tests only in the visitor log, not in campaigns.

After one day, do your campaign appear?

Yes, they appeared after about an hour, in both instances alike, but the question is if i can target a campaign for only one of the two instances.

When testing, I saw that when you change the tracked URL, the campaign disappears…
Do you use MTM or JavaScript tracking?

I use JS tracking.
And so far the campaigns haven’t disappeared but they are counted in both matomo instances.

Unfortunately, I am not sure it can be possible…
You can post a new feature request at:

OK, I’ll do that then. Thanks for the replies.

Just for tracking: the link to your GitHub issue: