Multiple domains on the same host with WordPress (different token_auth)


I have a host that contains many domains with WordPress. Also installed Piwik. I have added 2 websites on piwik and have installed and activated the piwik plugin in WP for both web sites. The problem is that all the statistics are shown is from the first domain.

The problem is that I can’t obtain different token_auth for those two sites. For two sites Piwik gives one only. How can I do that?

P.S. I guess the rest is correct, so I need only to have different token_auth and the Piwik will create stats for both sites.


Seams that I forgot to set the right domain name in Piwik Analytics (Wordpress plugin). Am I right? (I still as because I am new to this and I worry may be there is something more to do.)

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

I dont really understand your question, but I think you should provide only one token_auth, the super user token auth so that you can access all sites from wp-piwik ? maybe ask the wp-piwik developers who don’t read this forum


matt thanks,

The problem was, that I forget to say which domain to track from WP plugin. Now it works OK.