Multiple Custom API-queries

Hey! I am playing around with the Piwik API and since Im not that familiar with API:s at all it´s been kind of a learn by doing experience.

How would you guys go around querying and creating something like this:

A php output table which has the following structure.
[latest date visited] [Internet provider (no duplicates)] [number of visits] [visit length] [referer info(type, page, name)] [pages visited] [location country] [location city]

Im not asking for anyone to do it for me. But I was wondering if it´s even possible to do this through the Piwik API.
Where Im at right now: [Internet provider] [number of visits] [visit length]. But what is the best way to find and join the other columns?
Or is it better to leave the API and do it through sql?

As usual I am thankful for any response!

You want to use the LIVE API: Real Time Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo