Multiple CPU not really useful


I’m doing some kind of annual report. Quite a PITA at the moment because Dashboards like Visits Overview are not threaded (one MySQL CPU does everything even if we got 4).

Should I make these 3 features requests (from simple to complex)?

1- Add new “Text-only Visit Overview Dashboard”.

2- Add new “Monthly dashboard”

For each last 12 months :

  • Content of Visitors Overview (text-only)
  • 25 most visited pages
  • 25 most downloaded files
  • 25 Referrers
  • 10 Social networks with percent.
  • 25 Site search terms
  • Percentage of PC, Tablets, Phone
  • 10 most used OS with percent.
  • 10 most used Browsers with percent.
  • 10 most popular resolution with percent.

3- Make use of all CPU on MySQL instead of one.

At first, the requirement was for #2 (Annual reports) and frankly, try to do this with a 70 GB MySQL and it’s tedious. Even worse when you have to do it 3 times (3 segments * selecting each month). Why 3 segments? Because we need “internal traffic only”, “External traffic only” and “all”.

(Stefan Giehl) #2

Feel free to create issues on github.

Regarding your last point:

How could we improve the usage of “all CPUs” on MySQL. Isn’t that more ore less something the MySQL-Server needs to do. If it is configured correctly should it automatically use more that one CPU if available and useful?