Multiple async trackers with just one script - one cookieless, the other with cookies

Hi guys, is there a way to run multiple async trackers off the same script (GTM tag), but one with using cookies, and the other without using cookies (by using _paq.push(['disableCookies']); for the second tracker)?
I want to send data for the same domain to the same Matomo server, but into different Matomo websites. And compare cookieless data vs data for cookie-based tracking.
Thank you

Hi @mmarek
In order to select the good tracker, I would suggest you use the Matomo tracker object:
var tracker = Matomo.getAsyncTracker('https://your-tracking-path/matomo.php', 4)
Then you can access directly tracking functons (without the _paq.push). Eg. tracker.trackPageView('customTitle'):