Multiple Actions per one click, only real-time data


I recently installed WP-Piwik in wordpress, and created a Matomo account and linked the two up.

When i view my Matomo dashboard, i can see visits in real time and the visits log, so data is successfully tracking, however there is no data appearing in the other reports.

I have the correct day select (and following the fact sheet but have been unable to resolve

However in Administration > General Settings, i cannot see where the following option: "Allow Matomo archiving to trigger when reports are viewed from the browser’ must be set to ‘Yes’.

Also, within the visit log, it is showing that most pages are being viewed or refreshed twice in a row. I have however tested this out and only clicked a page once, however the log shows that i viewed it twice, thus double the amount of actions is appearing. Is there something causing this?

Note: I was previously using the new Matomo Wordpress plug-in, and the archiving/cronning was working correctly and all reports were showing data. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get my fetching site and site and tracking site to be separate, as per Changing tracking URL




On Matomo Cloud, archiving is set up correctly by default. It might take a while for the first reports to show up from the raw data collected.

Can you check the HTML source of your website to make sure, you don’t accidently see the tracking code inserted twice there?

Hi Liam,

The data may take a few hours to archive, please check again now to see if the report data is available.


Thanks Lukas and Jason

The reports are now archiving!

I did another test and the pages only logged as being viewed/refreshed once which is good.