Multi users

Hey Guys,

Im kinda new to Piwik, till now i really love it.

So here is my first question. what i like to do is make some kind of google analytics like system.

So every user has there own websites stats. as in now if i create a user it wil see the super users webstats.

Is there a way that i can let users create accounts and let them manage there own site and users cannot see eachothers websites stats

Thanks in advanced

Take a look at: Piwik as a self serve hosted web analytics solution · Issue #1148 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


Thanks for the tip

I uploaded the folder into the plugin folder but it dossent apear in my Plugin Manager.

And dossent seem to work. Any advice on that ?

Oh wait - according to my own message there you should be using GitHub - eristoddle/PiwikSignupPlugin: Plugin that allows users to sign up for an account in your Piwik installation. as the latest source for the plugin. I am not sure whether it works right now. You can maybe create an issue on Github for this.

Well this issnt seem to be working… ill try to create an issue there

Ok otherwise, contact for pro help to get this plugin fixed for you!