Multi Tenant and plugin prizing

Hi there!
I have a tenant question. If we plan a multi tenant Matomo setup, does the prices change for Plugins? Or is it the case, if I buy the most expensive plugin tear, that then it is ok for a multi tenant setup?
Thank You!

Hi @Grienauer ,

When you purchase a license for premium plugins, you can use your premium plugins on up to two instances: one production instance, and up to one testing or staging instance.

Every instance in the multi tenant environment will be considered as separate Matomo instance, so you may need to consider separate license for each tenant.

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thx. can you guide me to some official document of that please.
maybe I have another understanding, what tenant means.
Over at “subscription-guide” page (sadly I can not add a link here as the forum is prohibiting this (at least for my account) :stuck_out_tongue:

All the subscription types allow you to do the following:

  • Tracking of unlimited actions and visitors
  • Tracking & usage on unlimited websites and apps
  • Usage on unlimited servers within one Matomo instance

Usage on unlimited servers within one Matomo instance
If I have one matomo instance, Which runs in a “cluster”, then this should be ok I guess?!

thx in advance!

Hi @Grienauer ,

Please review to understand the context of Matomo about multi-tenancy If you mean multi-server environment (cluster) and one instance of Matomo is hosted across, then it is considered as one server.