Multi Currency ecommerce tracking

Is it possible to track e-commerce on a multi currency site using Piwik? I can’t see if it would cope with more than on currency or whether it would assume all is the base currency? The site consists of 3 domains all tracked via one site id on Piwik as want the stats combined.



There is one currency per website. You could create a different website in Piwik for each currency. Piwik supports all currencies.

Is this still the case? I need to track which currency is selected for a given transaction. We support multiple currencies, and allow customers to select their preference. In Google Analytics, we just set currency to the eventLabel, and then total_amount to the eventValue.

On this page: Track Goals and Measure Conversions - Analytics Platform - Piwik
I see that we just _paq.push([‘trackGoal’, 7, priceOfMyObject]); but still need somewhere to put the currency?

I wouldn’t mind using custom variables instead of the ecommerce settings (which do not have any label or way of tracking currency choice, that I can see). I still want to push the conversion for the goal, but then could put currency and amount in some other field/array, as long as I could somehow link the goal conversion to the amount/currency. Perhaps extend the ecommerce function in some way?

Hi Jeff

We’ve just run into this problem - did Matomo resolve this or did you find a suitable workaround with custom dimesions?


2023 Update: Matomo continues to have one currency per website (not multiple currencies on one website).

These are the current workarounds:

#1 Via a custom report, aggregate and report on each currency

​This is the best way, because it retains the most ecommerce functionality which Matomo builds in.

​General approach:

  1. Make one site for each currency
  2. Add each site to the rollup
  3. Create a custom report in that rollup with dimensions such as:
    • Measurable Name
    • Metrics:
    • Revenue (Etc.)

#2 Do a more manual approach, and lose built in functions in Matomo

You could consider Events with Values, but then you don’t get all of the nice Ecommerce specific reports and instead you would just get singular Event reports for each of the sites.

​Additionally, some teams may want to do currency converting externally in a third party tool like Apache Superset, R, Power BI, et al. Unfortunately, like #2, that reduces built in Matomo ECommerce functionality.

By the way, if you have a GitHub profile, please add your comment here to create more demand for implementing this feature: