Multi Currency ecommerce tracking

Is it possible to track e-commerce on a multi currency site using Piwik? I can’t see if it would cope with more than on currency or whether it would assume all is the base currency? The site consists of 3 domains all tracked via one site id on Piwik as want the stats combined.



There is one currency per website. You could create a different website in Piwik for each currency. Piwik supports all currencies.

Is this still the case? I need to track which currency is selected for a given transaction. We support multiple currencies, and allow customers to select their preference. In Google Analytics, we just set currency to the eventLabel, and then total_amount to the eventValue.

On this page: Track Goals and Measure Conversions - Analytics Platform - Piwik
I see that we just _paq.push([‘trackGoal’, 7, priceOfMyObject]); but still need somewhere to put the currency?

I wouldn’t mind using custom variables instead of the ecommerce settings (which do not have any label or way of tracking currency choice, that I can see). I still want to push the conversion for the goal, but then could put currency and amount in some other field/array, as long as I could somehow link the goal conversion to the amount/currency. Perhaps extend the ecommerce function in some way?