Muiltisite Error


I am unable to set it up proper.

I have installed it, i have authorized it, but i have no data showing up.

Currently it shows me this error:
Piwik error: An unexpected website was found, check idSite in the request.

but also in the backend there are no multiple sites. just the main site.

What am i doing wrong?


still nothing

please help


Really? There is no answer why i dont have any statistics?!

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Hi there,

Feel free to try again installing with the latest 2.15.0 beta version which includes many fixes and improvements, see: I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

If you still have a problem, please create an issue on our tracker GitHub - matomo-org/piwik: Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data. Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites, apps & the IoT and visualise this data and extract insights. Privacy is built-in. We love Pull Requests!


I am running now the beta and waited that it collects data.

it does for the page - the main installation of the multisite.
but for the two other sites and it is still nothing. no data is recorded and I dont know what to do different.

I have domain redirection but have the domain and also the regular folder set (,

furthermore i have the wordpress piwik addon - all three pages are configured the same way in the back end - and still nothing.
I am also unable just to paste the java code in…

is there anything what i miss or i can do here?


It finally tracks something: but it is only me. nobody else.
jetpack stats and google tell me different from piwik.

what can i do?