_mtm window events are not captured by Matomo Tag Manager

We added datalayer events by custom code to the website and it shows in the datalayer as _mtm.push with an event but the problem is that the events are not captured by the tag manager.

We’ve implemented Matomo via the wordpress plugin and the events are eing pushed to the datalayer via:

Could anybody elaborate why my events aren’t being tracked but the pageviews are show in my Omnibug tool to debug the events.

I’m a bit lost

Hi @TvKSB ,

there a lot of possibilties as a reason of the problem.

First, are you sure the Matomo Tag Manager Code is running?

Could please show us the source code of your datalayer push and the embedded Matomo Tag Manager Code?

You should use the Debug/Preview-Panel from the Matomo Tag Manager. There you can see if a Datalayer event is triggered.

Regards Udo

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Hi Udo,

The tag manager is injected by the wordpress plugin. The _mtm Datalayer push is based on a form submission or click event. E.G when some one does a form submission.

When i visit a page we see the page views being send by the tag manager. But i cant get the _mtm window to work