MSNbot seen as visitor

Just an example of what I every day encounter, visiting bots seen and counted as visitors. So for instance I had a visitor with this IP: turned out to be MSNbot.

How is it possible that Piwik doesn’t detect this user-agent?

EDIT: couple minutes later another MSN ip:
EDIT 2: yes, I already have ‘msnbot’, ‘bingbot’, ‘googlebot’, etc. blocked under settings.

Please add a ticket at: and list there all IPs that we should block as MSNbot or any other bot. Thanks!

I also wondered why the bots still show up while I have blocked their user agents.

Is the field “Global list of user agents to exclude” (settings -> manage -> websites) case sensitive? Can I use a wildcard there like *bot ?

the code should be wildcard by default

so if you add “bot” then it should exclude all user agents with bot. if you notice it does not, let me know as it would be a bug