Moving website to another domain and reuploading piwik files make it to register the users entries on both domains (on 1- acces through google and on 2nd- the direct entries)

I am new in using piwik on my joomla website.
What i’ve done:

  1. i moved (copy) a website (with piwik files uploaded on it) from one domain to another
  2. Website from 1st domain i turn it off (offline)
  3. I’ve deleted the “analytics” folder were piwik were uploaded (from 1st domain), and i’ve reuploade piwik files again in a new created (with the same name) “analytics” folder
  4. In my website joomla template manager i put the new piwik script.


Question: How to make my 2nd domain to record all users entries ?

Thank you