Moving premium plugins between Matomo installations

I need to migrate plugins from one Matomo installation to another. I head that there’s a limit how many times a plugin can be activated.

We will completely disable and delete our first Matomo installation and move to the second one so I have few questions:

  • Is using “Remove License Key” button enough to make the key free to use on another Matomo installation?
  • Can I use the same key on second Matomo after removing if from the first one?
  • Are there limits how many times we can remove keys and activate them on other installations?


Hello there,
Thanks for reaching out. Please find our replies below:

  1. Yes, remove license key button is enough.
  2. Yes, once you’ve removed the license from the old instance, you can use it on the new one.
  3. Yes, there may be limits, please reach out to us if you’re planning to migrate your license again in the near future at