Moving Piwik Subdirectory To Subdomain


I just realized that I misinstalled Piwik in a subdirectory instead of a subdomain (new installation). As such, I wish to ask what I would need to do.

Please note that Piwik is currently installed in and I wish to move Piwik to instead and that in both cases Piwik is still on the same server (including MySQL, localhost).

Please advise. Thank you.

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Axl Jay Angel

I also experienced the same thing …
We are also suggestions…


I want to migrate Piwik and move it to a new domain or a new subdomain URL, with the same MySQL server. How should I proceed?


Useful guide. But I was wondering if it was possible to set up an apache redirect and still record the data.

For example, in my setup, piwik is located at:

I want to move it to:

If I were to add an apache directive of:

Redirect /piwik

Would the data sent with the request from the javascript tracking code be successfully redirect to

Thanks in advance!

The post above post suggested by matt does work but it would require you to disable the stats functionality while the javascript code is being changed.

Has anyone tried anythign like this? Would it work?