Moving piwik from 2.16.1-b2 to 2.16

Hi ther,

I wanted to move my running piwik installation —
installed the newest version on the new server, did the DB dump in the new DB
and now …

“your Piwik Codebase is running 2.16.0 and your Databas is already on
2.16.1-b2. - please try again, your admins are …”
(translated from German)

well - what to do now? Didn´t find the beta on the homepage … i was on release channel beta

Could you check this one:

select * from piwik_option where option_name = 'version_core';

Try to set it to 2.16.0.

looks promising, but where can i find / make this?

its not in the config.ini.php

(using piwik since 2010, still a noob sometimes)

In the MySQL database.