Moving from Mixpanel to Matomo

Hey everyone,

We recently decided to ditch Mixpanel and are experimenting with Matomo. I personally really like Matomo and use it for a few of my personal projects.

One thing that I’m really struggling with is how to reflect mixpanel’s event properties into matomo’s custom dimensions and variables.

Maybe I’m wrong but could some Matomo Wiz help me figure out if it is possible to have Custom Dimensions and Variables at some sort of event level?

For example, we want to know what was the item selected in a flow. That is not in the visit scope, nor in the user scope. Maybe in the hit scope? And, do we need to configure all properties upfront or can we just send them via the tracker and structure them afterwards (or not even structure them)?

Another example, user connects their facebook page. Can that custom dimension (or I would even say, custom variable) have the scope of the event itself.

I’m really excited to do the jump from MP to Matomo but it does seem a bit scary to not be able to do that. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot everyone! and happy to join the community of Open Source analytics!