Moved servers, Piwik stopped tracking


I recently moved servers and found that although i can log into Piwik and see all my sites listed with historical data, it has stopped tracking ant new data since the move.

I’m guessing that this must be a simple fix - does anyone know how to help me?

When you moved the server, was it the server that Piwik is running on?
Did the ip address change?
did the url of the piwik server change?
when you connnect to the piwik and log in, are you on the same network as the piwik server?

Check to see if you can connect to the piwik server from outside your network


Thanks for the reply John

Yes i moved servers and Piwik was hosted on one of my domains so it came with me and a natural change of server IP.

I can connect to Piwik within my network and outside but no updated stats.

Since the domain and the IP address have changed did you update the piwik tracking code on your websites to incorporate the change of the domain the piwik site is hosted on?

Make sure that the domain and path to the piwik js file are correct in this section on each web site?
If this is not the problem I am not sure what to look at next.


the domain is still the same - i just shifted servers, all my domains and databases were imported.

I also check ed the js and it is in the right place also…

frustrating me now…

Check if the new server has mod_security and/or IDS (e.g., snort rules) that are blocking piwik tracking requests.

Hi Vipsoft,

Could you tell me how i could check that, i tried and couldnt find it…

You can test the endpoints manually via your browser, i.e.,g

  1. Enter the URL to piwik.js. Make sure it loads.

  1. Then enter the URL to piwik.php. Make sure it loads.

  1. Then enter the URL to piwik.php but with query parameters, e.g.,

If any of the above fail, consult your sysadmin.