Moved Piwik - Some Sections no Longer Work

Recently, after moving the domain which had Piwik running to HostGator, none of the sites were able to send stats to Piwik. So I moved the Piwik installation (copied folder and exported/imported the DB) to a location where I knew it worked before. Sites are now able to send the stats again but a couple of links send me to a 404 page after the move? Are there any other settings or paths that need to be changed in the DB or config files which might fix this?

The links which no longer work are the “Settings” page and the link to upgrade to 1.6.


See Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo or the FAQ just below

Doesnt help at all, but thanks for the suggestion.

Of course the path was changed on all sites sending stats to Piwik. That’s not the problem. The problem is that at least two links/sections of the interface no longer function after the move