Move to on-premise

Hi @Lukas,

I’m working on moving matomo from cloud to on-premises server.
Currently we have ~30 sites and we would like that every site has its own MySQL database.

Is this possible?


Hi @Lukas,

Is it possible to connect single matomo instance with multiple MySQL DBs?
So to clarify, DB for each site that is added in matomo?

It’s not possible to have separate DB for each site in Matomo.

Thank you for the response

You can migrate sites from one install to another one using: How do I migrate a particular website in Matomo to a different Matomo installation? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

see also discussion about multi DBs in Multi tenancy architecture · Issue #15073 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Well max,

It’s acc possible to have diff n separate DB for sites in Matomo.

I had similar issues with expertplantman but had so many hard times cause of it.