Move segmentents created by a user to super user profile

Greetings All,

I am fairly new to Piwik, I have a question, one of the site admins has created segments that he wants to share with all users. I understand that if the segments were created by the super user then sharing is not an issue, but does anyone know how I can move the segments created by the site admin to the super user profile so that they can be shared with everyone.

thanks for your help and advice in advance.


This is not possible yet via the user interface, feel free to create a feature suggestion if you need this.

As a workaroundyou can manually modify the users in the piwik_segment table in mysql


Thanks for the feedback, but what would I update in the piwik_segment table?

Should I update the enable_all_users, change the 0 to a 1?

Thanks for the help.



you did not clarify or answer my question. Can you please confirm what I should update.


change the login name to the super user login