Move imported analytics data into a Tag Manager

I managed to import analytics data from Google Analytics into Matomo.
Now I wonder if I could keep those data and “wrap” them into a Tag in a Tag Manager or if the only way is to create a new tag, meaning that I will lose/separate the tracking data

The idea is to have Tag Manager to easily handle different environments and other tags, while retaining within TM the data imported from GA.

Note that the import data do not come from Google Tag Manager, they come from Universal Analytics and so for now I don’t have any Tag Manager, only Analytics data

Hi @pastinepolenta

Sorry, I don’t understand the mix between collected data and a tag (that collect data) in a tag manager.

If you have past data in your Matomo (thanks to the GA importer), they will be stored in a measurable (site ID) in Matomo. Then you can continue the tracking with MTM instead of Google tracking…

Thanks that gives me some pointers. I see that under Measurables → Tracking code I can select a property (site id) and at the bottom select a Tag Manager for it. But that gives me the code to start using a tag manager for my site let’s say SITE1.

But in the Tag Manager container i have 0 tags. So I wonder if I should create a new tag (a Matomo Analytics tag) or not. And if I do that, does that mean that the new tag will have “separated” data then the ones I have imported?

I am probably getting it wrong. The tag is just there to “collect” data and place them into the SITE1 measurable. So what was already collected is already there in SITE1 and the new Tag will allow me to keep collecting the new data, and the tag manager just sits on top of the Analytics Tag for flexibility?

As per :

Matomo Tag Manager lets you manage and unify all your tracking and marketing tags. Tags are also known as snippets or pixels. Such tags are typically JavaScript code or HTML and let you integrate various features into your site in just a few clicks.

and per here :

When you create a new site in Matomo (most of the time a container will equal one website), the Tag Manager will automatically pre-configure a container with a Matomo tracking code tag for you (you will find this tracking code within the Tracking code menu in the backend)

I believe Matomo Tag Manager would have a tag container that contains your Matomo tracking code.

So whatever you have in Matomo would stay saved, and moving forward you’d be tracking using Matomo Tag Manager, and thus adds to your Matomo database; as such, correct me @heurteph-ei if I am wrong.

Tag Managers simplifies managing tags in one place and they can contain besides tags also triggers and variables.

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Totally agree :wink:

Awesome, thx for confirming!