More visists than pageviews - how is this possible?

today my matomo shows this:

I’ve never seen more visits than pageviews on 17 sites in over 5 years. How ist that even possible? Or better: what’s possibly wrong with my matomo?

Does your website have a CDN?

Yes, you are right. It now does. So it is some kind of caching artefact? I also get lower than expexted numbers now. Could this also be becuase of the CDN?

Yes to both. I use a CDN as well, and my pageviews on my Web servers are laughably low. But this is a good thing, it means my CDN (and yours) are doing what they are supposed to do.
If you really want to track pageviews, you can download your access logs from your CDN and feed them into matomo. Assuming the log format is similar to what matomo expects etc…
EDIT: CDN shouldn’t affect your visits though. Just your pageviews. Unless you’ve set up your CDN differently…