More "Keyword not defined" since last update?

I know the “Keyword not defined” is actually a search engine “thing”. But after a upgrade to the latest piwik version those unkown keyword are 10 times higher than before. Could there be a problem ?

Currently nearly 60% of all incoming search engine traffic on several pages just return a “Keyword not defined” wich renders piwik pretty useless for my purpose. One of those blogs is running a google analytics too and there nothing has changed all keywords are present.


there is no piwik problem. Google encrypts search if you are logged in as a Google user in many countries now. Therefore piwik - and no other statistics tool - can get the keyword (q) from the referer. I’m not sure about analytics - but since analytics is from google - maybe there is a way to find out by referer hash. Actually I don’t think this is the case.

You can try it yourself by using** and searching for phpinfo. Open a phpinfo.php website in result list and search for referer. There you can see that parameter q is empty.


EDIT: By the way…I see a lot more (not set) results in google analytics - which is the same as “keyword not defined”

I’m having the same issue with the Piwik tracking since the update to version 1.7.1. Searches listed in the Visitors in Real Time section show a Google rank number that puts the search term on page one of the Google searches. In some cases the search term is in position #1 and #2. It sure would be good to know what those keywords are.

Was it just coincidence that the number of “keyword not defined” listings exponentially increased with the upgrade to 1.7.1, or did Google change their policy about encrypting keywords at about the same time?

Also I tried the search mentioned above while logged into Google so that I’m searching with the site. When I searched for phpinfo I found several sites with a page phpinfo.php. Under the HTTP Headers Information, the Referer variable did show nothing in the q variable.

Here’s an example of one of the sites Попередження про переадресування&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=13&ved=0CD8QFjACOAo& The q variable is in bold.

Google deployed secure search worldwide a few weeks ago (before it was only US)

There is definitely something up with the piwik update as well.

last week, on the 26th of June I did a long overdue update from Piwik 1.5 to 1.8.2.
Since that day my “Keyword not defined” traffic is a steady 70-80 hits per day.
Before that “Keyword not defined” traffic was 0 every single day.
What could be the issue?
Surely google didn’t change it’s linking at the very same moment that I updated, just last week.

we fixed bugs in piwik that increased the count, but because before they were under reporting.

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