More explanation about the use of Module CustomDimensions

I need please a clear example about how to use the functions of the Module CustomDimensions

For exampe I need to use this function CustomDimensions.configureNewCustomDimension* (idSite, name, scope, active, extractions = ‘Array’, caseSensitive = ‘1’)*
what is meant by extractions and caseSensitive and what values should I pass to them . If you can provide me please with complete example of the request to be sent


The parameters correspond to the options in the UI.

You can even create a dimension in the UI and watch the request in the network tab of your browsers developer tools as the website uses the exact same API

Hi , thank you for your response . But I still have the write access problem , so how to add the write access right

No need to replay . I found it , there is a parameter called token_auth should be sent with the request and then all works fine . Thank you!