Monthly PDF Reports

I have not yet updated to v1.9.1 (still on 1.8.4?) because I have and always have had problems with running monthly reports in PDF format for my customers and end up running them manually. The process starts but only four are generated and emailed.

I have created each email report within the clients own area so they can tweak them if they so desire and I have ‘/piwik/misc/cron/archive.php’ being run every hour.

My server engineer belives that the process times out due to the sheer volume of queries.

Is anyone else having problems with automatic PDF reporting, have I set it up wrong or do some settings need to be changed?

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what memory stats do you have set up?

What type of server environemnt are you running? php version?

My server engineer has responded as PHP memory_limit is 95MB, max_execution_time is 90 seconds.:

try to get limit up to 256 and see what happens

The maximum is 125.

I can’t imagine everyone has to go through this process, surely there is a minimum requirement?

Does it make a difference if the reports are set up in the client area or the admin area?

I have the CRON running every hour but the reporting seems to start at 0100 on 1st month; is this causing a clash; should the CRON run at half past the hour.

What triggers the reporting, can it be spread rather than run all at one go?

Hi i am unsure most of your questions as i have my set all all as admin, but the various reports at client level vs admin level could point to an issue.

i did see one reference that might also help see if anything there applies.

Disable browser triggers for Piwik archiving and limit Piwik reports to updating every hour

see link below

good luck

95Mb is too small memory limit. We recommend 256M for Piwik to run smooth on dozens of small sites. But often even more is required, 1G or 2G being common for Piwik users tracking bigger sites or hundreds of them :wink: