Monthly meetups? Quarterly? Join other meetups?

(Fabián Rodríguez) #1


At the Piwik Meetup in Berlin there was discussion on how to improve communication and sharing of Piwik knowledge.

One idea was to have monthly meetups, another no to do that too often (every 2-3 months?). There are also related meetups (analytics, big data, etc.) which could be interesting to join instead. What do you think? What would be needed for this?

A few ideas/ resources needed:
[li] Presentation material (slides/“intro to Piwik” video/deck)
[/li][li] TShirts
[/li][li] Stickers
[/li][li] Food
[/li][li] Sponsorship
[/li][li] etc.

What do you think? I am in Montreal, Canada, so I’d like to organize such events there, and I had feedback from contributors in France and Germany - any others?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Fabian,

Great idea! Is anyone here in the forums interested in helping out and volunteer to organise an event in the future?