Monthly email report shows wrong period of time

I have set up an email report with schedule monthly. However, this does not contain the immediately preceding month, but the month before that.
For example, today (01 March 2021) I received the report that ends on 31 January 2021. If I now select ‘Download’ or ‘Send Report Now’ in Matomo, the report arrives with the correct time setting (report ending February 28, 2021).

What could be the reason for this?

I have a similar problem. Mine is connected with the period selector in top of the screen.
In the settings of the e-mail report, I have defined a daily and weekly report (printscreen).
However, when I test the report (send the report now) I recieve a report only for the period of time 2021-02-14 to 2021-03-15 which is the top date picker value.

How do I define a daily and weekly report with this ? Is this a bug ?
Matomo version: 4.2.1
MySQL version: 5.7.32-log
PHP version: 7.3.27

Hi @thimoo,

The fact that Matomo uses the range from the date selector instead of the stored one when clicking on “send report now” is one of the more confusing parts of Matomo:

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Thanks a lot. I will pay attention if the problem solves itself when the reports are sent “naturally”.

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