Monitoring registered users

I don’t think this issue has been dealt with, or at least I haven’t found it.

I want to know how often, and which of my registered users (who have been issued usernames and passwords to access protected directories) have accessed the protected directories. I simply cannot understand that raw access files are unable to or do not collect this information. And if they do (or can) how do I ferret that information out. For me, anything else, is a waste of time.

Please forgive me,but if Piwik can’t do this, then I think it is pretty pointless. Then what I need is a data collection tool that will collect this information in the first place. Perhaps a program that is integrated with a password protection program… am I getting warm???


You could report “By username” visits, page views, conversions, and show the username in the visitor log by using Custom Variables: Custom Variables Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo