Modifying the User Interface by plugins, adding accessibility support

(Tassoman) #1

Hello there,
we’d like an “as much” accessible UI for our organization’s Piwik installation, as far I could understand, having an accessible UI isn’t a primary feature for Piwik Core Development, so my idea is building one or more plugins that override or extend the standard UI system including WCAG2 specifications and, why not, WAI-ARIA support also.

So I’m asking you advices about UI overridide, expecially for menu output and widget output.

I’m reading ExampleUI plugin code but It’s “only” adding menu items, I can’t find any modification example.

Thank you in advance for helping :slight_smile:

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Please do not consider this solution of building plugins to add accessibility.
Accessibility is a focus for Piwik team and we hope to build in accessibility in piwik core for all to enjoy. All people with disability or blind users should be able to use Piwik with success.

Please find more information on this ticket: Accessibility improvements to Piwik · Issue #4167 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
–> so maybe you can help us make Piwik accessible by making Pull requests to improve usability? please comment on the ticket there Accessibility improvements to Piwik · Issue #4167 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

(Tassoman) #3

Oh! Thank you very much for hinting. I wasn’t aware of this feature request already opened on bugtracker.
I hope I could help improving Piwik development by github pull requests :slight_smile:
I agree with you that accessibility should be a core feature, having it on a plugin could be a waste of time.


(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Great I hope we can work together to make it happen!

(Tassoman) #5

Hi Matt! I’ve already run a test of UI output against Vamolà validator, it’s an AChecker validator instance adapted for WCAG2 and italian laws on accessibility (a subset of WCAG2). I’ve got a few errors on missing labels but this is a not so critic issue.

Our plan is starting with a Jaws accessibility report, I’ve already asked our #a11y team and they will reply in the next few days, when will be available I’ll attach in the #4167 ticket.

Then would be good writing down some functional tests, I’ve sorted out my phpunit behind proxy problem so now I can dive deep into unit testing thought it’s my first time…

Just now I can’t figure out how to build a httpclient request/response object (something like symfony2 httpkernel does). I’m aware and wondering about using Goutte as html output dom crawler… Any “2cents” are appreciated :slight_smile:

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

What would you like to test for? What kind of tests are you thinking of writing? IMO the most important thing for this project is to fix the HTML to make it accessible. I’m not too worried about tests here :slight_smile: