Missing the temp folder

Doing a fresh install I’m missing the temp folder. How to deal with it?

Just create it with your favourite FTP client, and give it 777 permission. Piwik will create whatever sub-folders it needs.

The folder is actually called “tmp” , and not “temp”. When you unpack the Piwik distribution on your local PC, this folder is empty. If the FTP upload didn’t create that empty folder on the server, you probably have your FTP client configured incorrectly.

Thanks, I will do as advised. One note: Unpacking the ZIP is leaving me missing the tmp folder already. It’s not provided with the ZIP I’ve downloaded.

You’re right! beginning with version 2.10.0 (I just checked), the Piwik distribution doesn’t include the empty “tmp” folder.

This is clearly an oversight, since Piwik can only create the missing “tmp” folder if the server directory where Piwik is installed is given universal read/write/modify permission during the initial setup. In my books, this is a no-no. (I prefer to be completely in charge of what gets created where on the server.)

I suggest that you report this as a bug.

I just reported this as a bug :slight_smile: