Missing statistic data from app

I tied to use Piwik trial version with iOS SDK. I followed the instruction on Git Hub unfortunately withou success. I debug the app and I see dispatch() with statistics data from queue is called. Why I don’t see statistics data in Piwik Web Platform?

Is my app configuration correct?
PiwikTracker.configureSharedInstance(withSiteID: "1", baseURL: URL(string: "https://beenode.innocraft.cloud/index.php")!)

Thank you for any hint.

Hi @Martin_Krajcir, is it possible that in the web platform you are displaying a view excluding the current day?

Dear Cornelius,

I checked the date filter, I am looking at current day and there are no data. What is wrong with my Piwik Platform settings?

I found that for mobile app I need to setup Manage Measurables URL as shows iOS PiwikTracker.shared?.contentBase property.

The app log shows successfully processed batch queue from Piwik. Unfortunately I still did not see any measurement data at Piwik platform. Any idea why?

PiwikTracker [I] Start dispatching events
PiwikTracker [I] Dispatched batch of 9 events.
PiwikTracker [I] Finished dispatching events

Hi @Martin_Krajcir,

thanks for the followup. Are you sure you configured Piwik like this? PiwikTracker.configureSharedInstance(withSiteID: "1", baseURL: URL(string: "https://beenode.innocraft.cloud/index.php")!). Unfortunately I haven’t seen, that you used the index.php. It should be piwik.php. This might be the reason why it isn’t working.

HI @brototyp

YES, exact the same, I use index.php in URL config. Also there is not any fail on dispatch data to server. There shoul be issue on server. Would you please check the logs? Thanks.

Hi @Martin_Krajcir, that’s than probably the issue. Please replace the index.php with piwik.php and try again.

Hi @brototyp

Yes, you are absolutely right. Problem solved!

Thank you!

Awesome. Tanks for the feedback. Usually the SDK should warn you if you use an invalid URL. If you can say which version of the SDK you are using I will ensure it will warn others in the future.