Missing some database tables when attempting to script install

I’m attempting to bring Matomo to UBOS. This requires me to fully install and configure Matomo from scripts. I realize I’m not the first one attempting to do that without an official console core:install command :wink:

Basically, this is what I’m doing, The relevant script fragments are here:

  1. Dump all the files into DocumentRoot
  2. Provision a database
  3. Generate the config file, parameterized with the database parameters (see generate-config.pl)
  4. Initialize the database (see init-db.pl, which is a simplified version of nebev’s script at nebev/piwik-cli-setup/master/install.php on Github – as a new user apparently I don’t get to link there)
  5. Upgrading the database (basically running console core:update --yes)

This all sort of seems to work, but I end up with only some of the apparently needed database tables. Specifically, I am missing:

  • matomo_privacy_logdata_anonymizations
  • matomo_report
  • matomo_report_subscriptions
  • matomo_segment
  • matomo_user_dashboard
  • matomo_user_language

I suspect that only some of the upgrade scripts are running. Any hints what steps I might be missing to get those tables?

Apparently these all come from plugins, not core Matomo. So I guess all I need to find out is how to activate the plugins via API.

While creating the config file you can also activate this plugins directly.

I figured it out: once the plugins are listed in the config file, they are assumed to have been activated. So the trick is not to list them there before that.

Hi there,
Thanks for the suggestion. Meanwhile a plugin was released on the Marketplace: Extra Tools - Matomo Plugins Marketplace

See the discussion on Github: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/10257#issuecomment-466649387

Please continue the discussion there :+1: